Recent Settlements

Nursing home negligence case

– Hon. Jennifer Duncan-Brice, ret.

Nursing home negligence case.  87-year-old patient developed pressure ulcers on her hip contributing her infection and fever, and ultimate death. Mediated settlement of $300,000 pre-discovery.

Passenger bus crash

– Faustin Pipal, Jr., Esq.

A passenger bus belonging to a national City-to-City bus service crashes, resulting in dozens of injuries to passengers. Multiple defendants including bus company and tire manufacturer. Two days of mediation conferences yield 100% settlement rate on first batch of claims. All settlements confidential. More mediation days to follow.

Hospital negligence case

– Michael W. Clancy, Esq.

Hospital negligence case alleging negligent care after an operation resulting in the death of a female patient with children.  Mediated Settlement of $2.5 million.

Chiropractic malpractice case

– Hon. Jennifer Duncan-Brice, ret.

Chiropractic malpractice case.  Plaintiff alleges chiropractor caused her to jerk in awkward motion when receiving electric stimulation to her neck.  Plaintiff eventually has back surgery with multiple fusions.  Mediated settlement of $362,500.

Construction defect dispute

– Michael W. Clancy, Esq.

Construction defect dispute among general contractor, subcontractors, architect and owner over the installation of a solid surface fitness area floor at a high school.  Mediated Settlement of approximately $64,000 and other considerations.