Condominium and HOA Disputes

Resolute Systems has extensive experience resolving Condominium and Home Owners Association (HOA) disputes through the mediation and arbitration processes. One of the goals of the Condominium and Common Interest Community Ombudsperson Act (765 ILCS 615/) is to foster dispute resolution alternatives for property owners and these boards and associations.

Qualified attorneys and former Judges serve as mediators and arbitrators throughout Illinois. The parties mutually agree upon the selection of the mediator or arbitrator from Resolute’s extensive Statewide panel.

Resolute offers a number of processes to help resolve these disputes, including mediation and arbitration.

In mediation, an experienced Resolute mediator works with the parties to help them reach a voluntary resolution to their dispute. After a joint session to introduce the process, the Resolute mediator meets with each party privately. In these private sessions, the mediator discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case, explores potential outcomes and offers feedback on party’s positions. Anything discussed with the mediator privately is not relayed to the opposing side without permission. When the mediator has the parties agreeing to a resolution, the mediation is concluded.

In arbitration, parties informally present their case to an arbiter or panel of arbiters. Parties may introduce written documentation such as expert reports, property records, association agreements, witness statements, etc. in lieu of live testimony. The relaxation of evidence makes the arbitration process cost-effective and efficient. After hearing the parties’ arguments and the presentation of the evidence, the arbiter(s) render a binding decision.

For more information on Resolute’s mediation and arbitration processes, please contact Mike Weinzierl at 800-776-6060, x125 or