Panel of Neutrals

Hon. Russell Hartigan, ret.

Russell Hartigan photo

Judge Russell Hartigan is President of the Illinois bar, and partner at the law firm of Goldstine, Skrodzki, Russian, Nemec and Hoff, Ltd.  He brings his judicial experience combined with his extensive experience litigating civil matters to his private mediation and arbitration practice.  During his judicial tenure, Judge Hartigan was known as a highly effective pre-trial mediator, helping lawyers and their clients resolve pending litigation through the mediation process.  He was rated “Highly Recommended” by the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association for Circuit and Appellate Courts.

For more information, go to Russell Hartigan’s website or see Russell Hartigan’s biography.

Jonah Orlofsky, Esq.

Jonah Orlofsky, Esq. photoMr. Orlofsky began mediating cases in 2011 and since then has mediated hundreds of cases in a wide range of areas, including insurance coverage disputes, class actions, attorney-fee disputes, real estate disputes, consumer claims, and securities fraud. He has extensive training in both facilitative and evaluative mediation techniques and uses what is appropriate based upon the nature of the case and the needs and desires of the parties. Mr. Orlofsky is a certified mediator in the Cook County Law and Chancery Divisions, as well as the Lake and Will County mediation programs.

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Hon. Michael J. Shim

Honorable Mike Shim pictureMichael Shim is an Administrative Law Judge for the Chicago Park District. As an ALJ, Mike conducts formal appeal hearings regarding terminations/suspension of employees, rules on preliminary motions, rules on evidentiary objections, prepares and issues recommended decisions including findings of fact and conclusions of law. Additionally, he serves as a mediator and arbitrator in private ADR matters, primarily in the area of employment disputes. He is also a Workplace Investigator for the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

View Judge Shim’s printable bio.

Richard A. Devine, Esq.

Richard Devine PictureDick Devine is the former Cook County State’s Attorney (1996-2008).  Mr. Devine brings over 45 years experience as a trial lawyer to his Alternative Dispute Resolution practice.  He is available to serve as a mediator, arbitrator, special referee and evaluator.  Mr. Devine concentrates his mediation practice on the resolution of complex commercial, eminent domain, public entity, employment, product liability, transactions and corporate matters.

View Richard Devine’s printable bio.

Joseph L. Stone, Esq.

Joseph Stone pictureJoe Stone concentrates his mediation practice on the resolution of employment, commercial, financial and transaction disputes.  He is of counsel to the law firm Seyfarth Shaw, LLP. Joe is past president of the Chicago Bar Association, and was the founding director of the Loyola University of Chicago Law School – Randy & Melvin Professor of Business Law Center & Clinic from 1999 to 2014.

For more information, see Joseph Stone’s printable biography.

Hon. James E. Sullivan, ret.

James E. Sullivan pictureHon. James E. Sullivan (ret.), a fifteen-year veteran of the Cook County Circuit Court Law Division. In 2011, he was recalled to the bench by by the Illinois Supreme Court, again serving in the Law Division, presiding over cases involving catastrophic personal injury, product liability and medical/legal negligence. Additionally, Judge Sullivan was assigned to hear multi-party and complex Commercial Calendar cases and settled a series of national class action matters relating to a widely used blood thinning medication. Judge Sullivan has successfully conducted hundreds of mediations in matters such as medical/legal negligence claims; large multi-party product liability cases; class action suits; complex business disputes and construction disputes. Judge Sullivan is a certified Mediator in the Chancery and Law Division Mediation Programs and served on the committees that developed those programs. He is also an Arbitrator with the recently inaugurated Cook County Commercial Calendar Mandatory Arbitration Program.

For more information, see James E. Sullivan’s printable biography.

Wendell W. Clancy, Esq.

Wendell W. Clancy PictureWendell Clancy brings over 50 years of experience as a litigator to his mediation practice. His deep and vast experience litigating cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants instills confidence with the parties during the mediation process. Over the past two decades, he has mediated and resolved pending litigation disputes involving death, dismemberment, quadraparaplegic and other forms of disabilities. Mr. Clancy also brings a unique perspective to his practice, having garnered successful verdicts on both the plaintiff side and the defendant side of the courtroom, including punitive damages.

View Wendell W. Clancy’s printable bio.

Marc J. Siegel, Esq.

Marc J. Siegel PictureMarc J. Siegel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Siegel Law Group Ltd., and has  practiced labor and employment law in Chicago for his entire career. He has a unique labor and employment background, representing both individuals and businesses in a variety of matters. Mr. Siegel understands all aspects of the employment relationship, as he is not only an advocate, but also a certified mediator.  He is a member of Resolute Systems Illinois Employment Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators.

View Marc J. Siegel’s printable bio.

Michael W. Clancy

Michael Clancy PictureVoted Top 3 Finalist in the Midwest

Mike Clancy established his mediation practice in 2006.  He concentrates his practice on the resolution of medical malpractice disputes, hospital and nursing home negligence cases, and substantial personal injury matters.  He has also mediated trucking accidents, construction, probate and real estate matters.  Mike is widely sought after as a continuing legal education lecturer, and has been invited to speak by the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, the United States Department of Justice, and many local bar associations.

For more information, go to Michael Clancy’s website.

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Dennis A. Berg, Esq.

Dennis (Denny) Berg PictureDennis A. Berg is partner in the Chicago law firm of Pipal & Berg, LLP. He has been a trial attorney for the past 20 years, and has had the unique experience of representing both plaintiffs and defendants at trial. Mr. Berg combines the evaluative and facilitative mediation models. In the evaluative mode, he is especially known for helping his clients move into value ranges that ultimately result in settlement.

For more information, see Dennis A. Berg’s printable biography.

Hon. Jennifer Duncan-Brice, ret.

Judge Jennifer Duncan-Brice PhotoJudge Jennifer Duncan-Brice top 2 finalist for Best Individual Mediator in the Midwest by The National Law Journal 2017Judge Jennifer Duncan-Brice concentrates her mediation practice on the resolution of substantial personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, construction defect and business and commercial matters. She is a certified e-Discovery mediator. Additionally, Judge Duncan-Brice mediates discovery disputes, as well as serves a case evaluator.

For more information, go to Jennifer Duncan-Brice’s website or see Jennifer Duncan-Brice’s printable biography.

Hon. Gilbert Grossi, ret.

Gilbert Grossi PictureJudge Gilbert Grossi has extensive experience resolving civil litigation from his judicial tenure on the Circuit Court of Cook County. He successfully resolved thousands of civil and criminal matters through the pre-trial process. Judge Grossi concentrates his mediation practice in the areas of Personal Injury; Contract Disputes; Real Estate Disputes; Product Damage; Products Liability; Employment Contracts and Employment Separation Agreements.

For more information, see Gilbert J. Grossi’s printable biography.

Hon. James F. Henry, ret.

Henry-photoJudge James F. Henry has significant experience resolving complex civil and commercial matters through the mediation process. Judge Henry has successfully mediated a wide variety of cases including a class-certified banking matter; contract; commercial; discovery disputes; insurance coverage; construction defect; real estate & condominium disputes; probate and employment matters.

For more information, go to Judge James Henry’s website or see Judge James Henry’s printable biography.


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Reginald A. Holmes, Esq.

Reginald Holmes PictureReg Homes has presided over matters ranging from small dollar matters to amounts in controversy well in excess of $200 million. Mr. Holmes has handled disputes from a variety of fields, such as Intellectual Property and Technology, Labor and Employment, Real Property and Construction, Financial, Entertainment, Sports and Franchise, as well as International disputes. He is Resolute Systems Mediation Practice Director, and has extensive experience training mediators nationally.

For more information, see Reginald A Holmes’ printable biography.

Hon. Anthony A. Iosco, ret.

Anthony Iosco PictureJudge Anthony Iosco draws on his extensive litigation and judicial experience to help parties resolve their dispute in the mediation process. While on the bench, Judge Iosco negotiated settlements in hundreds of civil and criminal matters, and had a reputation for getting cases settled. His experience litigating civil disputes increased his effectiveness as a mediator in the pre-trial mediation process.

For more information, see Anthony A. Iosco’s printable biography.

Richard F. McDevitt, Esq.

Richard McDevitt PhotoRichard F. McDevitt concentrates his mediation practice on the resolution of substantial personal injury, wrongful death, commercial, construction, class actions and professional malpractice matters. He is a former Magistrate Judge of the Lake County (Indiana) Circuit Court.  Since beginning his private mediation practice, Richard has successfully conducted hundreds of mediations.

For more information, see Richard F. McDevitt’s printable biography.

Dean Milber

dean-milber-photoDean Milber has been coverage counsel, litigation counsel, and supervisory counsel to the insurance industry representing insurers and their professional policyholders throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. After almost 25 years of private practice, Dean has taken his unparalleled experience to focus exclusively on his insurance coverage and professional liability ADR practice.

For more information, go to Dean Milber’s website or see Dean Milber’s printable biography.

Faustin Pipal, Jr., Esq.

Faustin Pipal Photo

Faustin Pipal has mediated over 2,500 cases since beginning his mediation practice in 1993.  He has been litigating cases since 1980, and he draws on his experience as an accomplished trial attorney during the mediation process.  Mr. Pipal concentrates his mediation practice on the resolution of wrongful death, substantial personal injury, constuction accidents, trucking accidents, professional malpractice and employment matters.

For more information, go to Faustin Pipal’s website or see Faustin Pipal’s printable biography.

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Randall S. Rapp, Esq.

Randall Rapp PictureRandall S. Rapp is dedicated to providing alternative paths to resolution for commercial, product and construction disputes. With over 36 years in the practice of law as a litigator, general counsel, business executive, arbitrator and mediator, Randy concentrates his mediation practice in Construction Defect;  Commercial Transactions and Disputes; Real Property Transactions and Disputes; Employment; Intellectual Property; and Product Liability & Safety.

For more information, see Randall S. Rapp’s printable biography.