Category: Recent Settlements

Professional Malpractice Dispute

– Hon. Jennifer Duncan-Brice, ret.

Professional Malpractice Dispute. Estate alleges doctors’ and hospital’s failure to timely test and diagnose DVT resulted in plaintiff’s death.  Mediated Settlement of $1.8 million.

Commercial bus runs over 34-year-old woman’s foot

– Hon. Jennifer Duncan-Brice, ret.

Commercial bus runs over 34-year-old woman’s foot, resulting in a degloving injury and amputation of the large toe and the toe next to it.  Plaintiff may require knee and hip replacements, as well as back surgery, due to abnormal gait.  Mediated settlement of $63 million.

Commercial truck collision

– Faustin Pipal, Jr., Esq.

Commercial truck collides with plaintiff (also driving a commercial truck).  Plaintiff suffers back injury resulting in lumbar fusion.  Mediated settlement of $450,000.