St. Charles Office and Conference Center Opened

Resolute Systems is pleased to announce the opening of its suburban office in St. Charles, Illinois.  The Conference Center, located at 255 38th Avenue in downtown St. Charles, will offer Resolute clients the option of a suburban location to host their mediation and arbitration conferences.

“Our business in the suburbs and downstate has been increasing over the last several years, especially as we have been mediating more medical, hospital and nursing home malpractice cases,” said Resolute Systems vice president Michael E. Weinzierl.  “Having a team of mediators with expertise in med-mal cases is drawing mediations from all over the state.  We found that many times lawyers and their clients did not want to come all the way downtown to mediate.  Now when lawyers from the suburbs or downstate mediate with Mike Clancy, Faustin Pipal or Jennifer Duncan-Brice, they have the option of a western location in addition to our Chicago Loop location.”

Resolute Systems mediator Faustin Pipal said that the location will be convenient for his clients.  “St. Charles is a great location,” he said. “Many of our clients have said they would like a viable suburban location that is easy to reach from the burbs and downstate.”

According to Resolute Systems mediator Michael Clancy, approximately 25% of the mediations he conducts are downstate or in the suburbs. “People don’t always want to come into Chicago for a mediation.  I get that,” he said.  “And with the amount of Kane, DuPage and Will counties cases we mediate, it just made sense to have a real presence here.

The Conference Center opened July 1, 2015.  To Map the Location, click here.  For more information, please contact Mike Weinzierl at [email protected] or 312.346.3770, x125.